Est. 2020

The essence of subooka




I have a passion for developing products that have a meaning and a story. The products make perfect gifts for yourself or someone that you love. 


Kathleen Plate, the talented artist behind Smart Glass Jewelry, has always loved to create beautiful things. Her creative passion was inspired in part by a childhood spent working on projects with her mother who taught her how to solder and work with stained glass.Smart Glass Jewelry was born while Kathleen was in graduate school working on a Master’s in American Literature. Kathleen needed a gift for a friend’s birthday so she made a pair of earrings out of glass. Her friends raved so she decided to take her product to local festivals and craft shows. The move proved to be a promising start for the unknown artist. 




PORTOMEA is a line of fine glass jewelry, designed and produced in the USA by Julia Pappas.

Each piece is made with hundreds and thousands of micro beads, stitched together by hand, one glass bit at a time. Every step of the process is cherished and payed careful attention to, from inspiration to intentional creation.

 All PORTOMEA jewelry is made in Julia’s studio, by hand — there is simply no other way. No machine can stitch the beads, one at a time, in ways only a hand can. This personal touch adds to the richness of the experience, not only for the final owner of the piece but for the artisan as well. This process allows for abundant opportunities to imbue each item with the aesthetic pleasure of creation, the sense of wholeness and contentedness, that are in turn passed onto the wearer.



My husband and a good friend created a luxury handbag brand called Andora. Andora is about handcrafted, clean, modern styling designed to last.  We produce limited quantity to ensure exclusivity.Click on the video and watch how handcrafted handbags are created.


How Andora Bags Are Made


Potting Shed Creations

our beginning.  |  est. in 1998

We were weekend gardeners, saving seed in the typical envelopes and plastic baggies. Being designers by day, we decided to try our hand at creating a kit that could neatly store seed in a compact case that not only functioned well but looked good too.

Just for fun we sent a prototype to the largest English garden company we could think of. To our surprise, they called and wanted everything we had in stock.

Twenty years have passed since that very first design and even today, with each new product, the thrill remains.

philosophy -people build better products than machines.

 five fun facts

1. we have one office dog for every four people

2. our company is located in a renovated 1970s elementary school in northern Idaho

3. our most complicated pieces of machinery are afoot-pedal grommeter and a glue gun

4. our upcycled bottle gardens have saved 100,000 (and counting) from landfills

5. it is not uncommon to see moose peering into our production windows

equinox farms

We are an animal therapy center and Creative Retreat Space with four ABNB rentals. Enriching each guests stay with love and joy!

We handmade luxury candles and products inspired by our love of horses and animals to bring you joy!

The animals of the farm are therapy for The Artemis Project and all product proceeds go towards feeding and caring for them

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The Story Behind The Brand